Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Birthday @ Pregos

18/11 (Sat)
Though my actual birthday falls on 20/11... l decided to celebrate early since its the weekend. For lunch, we went to the Paragon 'Shimbashi Soba' cos we love the soba. Their dessert was delicious too.

At night, we went to 'Pregos' for din. We had pizza, pasta, soup and tiramisu. Since it was my birthday month, we even got a complimentary bottle of red house wine using my Raffles Card. After din, we went to 'MOS' for awhile as Winston had a VIP card which could sign in 2 guests. The place was really happening and the multi-concept rooms was an eye opener.

Ard 11+, we headed toOrchard Party World KTV and sang for nearly 4 hrs. My frens bought me 2 nice MUJI cardigans which will be useful for the HK trip...

here're the birthday pics ...
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