Saturday, April 25, 2009

M for Mietta's

l had a strange encounter with the letter 'M' this evening....

M for...
Michelangelo's and
MammaMia !!!!!!

Thks to an invitation by thehungrycow, we managed to try some Italian fine dining at this cosy joint @ 126, Arab St. Its a dynamic collaboration between Chef Angelo Sanelli (Michelangelo’s) and group former Zambuca’s chief Chef Dennis Sim. The gathering consists of foodies from the makansutra forum and boy.. the older folks sure knows how to have a good time!

We also sampled fine wines courtesy of hungrycow for a token sum. Though l'm not a good drinker, l liked the wines cos they were smooth and not too acidic.

The Starters... top marks for the salad!

Baby arugula salad tossed with walnuts, pears & smoked turkey in blue cheese dressing

Safron & seafood broth with poached prawn dumpling

Italian Arborio rice simmered with trio of cheese & plum tomato puree

The Main courses...

Grilled ribeye with roast potato & black peppered forest mushroom jus

Pan fried Barramundi on white Asparagus puree & green pea ragout drizzled with caviar oil (it tasted slightly fishy but overall still ok)

And finally... the dessert..

Called 'Chocolate Delice'... the choc was very rich .. kinda tasted like 'Nutella'... haha

All in all, a wonderful evening serenaded by good food, nice people and wonderful ambience!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mellben Seafood

l gave my foodies gang a treat at this famous place for Crab Bee Hoon (located at Blk 232, AMK Ave 3). Indeed, the soup was rich & flavourful and the crabs were fresh. The zi char dishes like cereal prawns and yam with scallops were good as well. Call it innovation or lameness, but they actually displayed crab shells autographed by celebrities!