Monday, May 18, 2009

Eli Scruggs

l was really touched by this episode of Desperade Housewives so l decided to summarise and share with my friends here...

Eli, the handyman first met Mary Alice whilst she was gardening and told her he was looking for odd jobs. She declined initially but when she saw some holes in his shoes, she immediately told him she had a vase which needed fixing.

A couple of years later, Eli walks into Mary Alice's house one afternoon and finds her sitting at the table obviously with something bothering her. He didnt know she was going to kill herself.

When he heard the tragic news, Eli sat in his truck for almost an hour, devastated that he had done nothing to save her. He then made a quiet vow to God: from that moment forward, he would do what he could to help people, to help them fix their lives. And for the rest of his life, that's exactly what he did.....

He told Gabby to cut the snobbish attitude when she was new in town and to learn to like her neighbours or she would end up being all alone. She ended up having them as close friends for life.

He cheered Edie up and reassured her she was still an attractive catch, when she was dumped by her lover.

He consoled Lynette when she accidentally left her baby girl in the car and told her its understandable as she got alot on her mind with three kids, a new baby and a new job. She realised work is not everything and learnt to treasure her kids.

He kept Bree's cookbook which she had thrown away years ago and gave it back to her after her husband died.... he offered hope when she was lost and years later, she became a top selling cookbook author making her extremely wealthy and popular.

He lent a shoulder to Susan during her failed relationships, telling her though he hasn't had much experience in love, she was heroic to him because no matter how much heartbreaks she suffered, she always continues to find true love and never gives up hope.

When Eli died, throngs of people attended his funeral because he has touched their lives one way or another.

l don't know why this fictitious character left such an indelible mark on me but l'm sure there are many such kind souls around us.... ln my life, l too hope l could bless the people around me and somehow make this journey more palatable.

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