Friday, June 26, 2009

The Battle @ Barracks

We had a Birthday Bash for our Buddy-Bro, Sev by waging a Battle at Barracks and surprising him with a limited edition BearBrick toy !

On Fri, our troop of 8 invaded this former army barracks named 'House' which houses (pun intended)... a Spa Esprit, a Barracks Cafe & a Camp Bar. Our quest... to find their forbidden treasure, meant for the truly worthy warriors.

Ours was a long drawn battle led by Prince Sev, seen here giving us marching orders ...

We began by launching an attack on the appetisers... We devoured the metre-long chicken sausage, Ahi Taki Tuna Salad, signature truffle fries, sweet potato nibblets effortlessly and oh.. we even found time for a deep sea threesome too.. getting high by dipping the grilled prawns, calamari and black mussels into the caramelised pineapple sauce!

After our brief rendenzous, we advanced deeper into their territories.. and met more enemies along the way..

Sgt Red Snapper was crafty & agile but was no match for our sharp cutlery-like weapons.

An american soldier named 'Sliders' threaten us with his beefy physique but could not fend off the charms of our lady troopers.

Next, we were ambushed by 2 Jamaican Jerks 'Pork Tenderloin'.. they tried to tempt us with their herbs and spices .. but we easily defeated them and chopped them to pieces.

Finally, we got to the Spiders' Lair, the place where they hid the treasure.

The Lair was heavily guarded by their finest Generals; Bay Prawn Capellini and Lobster Linguine... they put up a good fight and deployed their sturdy prawns soldiers and clawy lobsters...

The generals were indeed formidable and even managed to trap all of us in these giant bubble cups.

Luckily in the nick of time, Prince Sev summoned his secret weapon, the 'Bearbrick-Mickey'. Together, Sev & Mickey fought with gusto and trounced the 2 generals.

After a tiring war, we finally got to sink our teeth into their most guarded treasure ... the rich, elegant and creamy 'Strawberry Shortcake'!
Here're our victory pics!

Just as our battle ended, another war was waging between the Autobots & Decepticons elsewhere.. l'm sure most fans would have watched it by now.. and we're finally catching the BumbleBee this Sun!

Barracks Cafe @ House
8D Dempsey Rd
Singapore 249672
Tel: 6476 6050, 6475 7787

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