Sunday, September 27, 2009


Walking along Orchard Rd is no mean feat, cos you need to maneuver your way to avoid the bird droppings! The birds are more deafening than the F1 cars racing here this weekend. One wonders whether we are in a famous shopping district or Jurong Bird Park!

Orchard Central was another snag... nice modern design but the space was so narrow & non-shopper friendly. We had to traverse up & down escalators several times jz to comb the whole place.

We came across 'Ootoya' on Level 8 and decided to try out the dishes. They seem to be famous for their grill fishes so we ordered their mackerel and red snapper. The former tasted abit like salted fish and was so bony. The tuna sashimi also looked eerily bloodied. l guess the side dishes like sweet potatoes and radish tasted better than the mains.

But the star of the night was undoubtedly the dessert... whoever thought of mixing green tea ice cream with red beans was a genius!

Ootoya (Orchard Central)
181 Orchard Road
#08-12 Orchard Central

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