Sunday, December 13, 2009


Gave my sis a belated birthday lunch treat at Shiraishi @ Ritz Carlton. The mixed sashimi were very fresh and the bento set came in a Gourd-shaped box which 'transformed' into several smaller dishes... novel and kawaii!

Ootoro sashimi (the highest grade of tuna that melts in the mouth!)

After lunch, we joined our neighbour to help deliver some food items from Boys' Brigade to under-privileged homes. It was tiring lugging all the heavy bags but it was worth it since it was for a good cause. It's sad to see so many old folks living alone in spartan houses.. so we shld never take our comfy life for granted.


yixiaooo said...

the tranformer bowls are hilarious!

and good on you for helping the boys' brigade.

eggtoast said...

haha cute right, its really, 'transformers.. more than meets the eye'!

yup the experience brought me down to earth, l think when we help others.. we gain even more :)

Merry Xmas & Happy New Yr!