Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

After blogging abt San Hao (三好) in my last post, l shall now talk abt ' Wan Hao'! My sis & I visited this posh chinese restaurant @ Marriott and tried their ala carte buffet lunch @ $55++ pax. The ambience was good and the food even better. The staff kept changing our plates and even made sure the dishes were paced out nicely so we can enjoy them hot. Such thoughtfulness is seldom seen in restaurants these days.

The most memorable item must be the US Kurobuta pork which simply melts in the mouth! All the other dim sum & side dishes were delicious too, esp the prawns which were fresh & taut. But my main grouse was the roast pork, which tasted like something u could have gotten for $2 a plate at a hawker centre. Nonetheless, l'll still sum up the experience with one word... 'HAO'!

Buddha Jump over the wall, beef tenderloin, kurobuta, siew mai & har gow

Sea Perches (7 spices & garlic), Coffee ribs, roast meats & desserts

320 Orchard Road
3F Marriott Hotel
Tel: +65 6831 4615

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